Nomad Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

img_1461I probably should think twice before posting this one…but we have a new favorite spot to hang out at when we are in Disney…the new Nomad Lounge at the Animal Kingdom theme park.

It has just the right mix of “the safari truck dropped me off in the wilderness” mixed with “I could sip watermelon cocktails at this lounge all night.” The Nomad Lounge is located right next to the entrance to the new Pandora section of AK, slated to open in May 2017. We predict this will become more of a hot spot when Pandora opens.


The lounge consists of two main seating areas, located to the left of Tiffins restaurant. The outside lounge features comfy chairs and couches and is open to the views of a forested river area, with cool breezes at night. This area would be lots of fun with a large group and a great place to take a relaxing break.

We opted to sit inside on a particularly sweltering day. The interior has an adventurist theme, with mirror-backed bar and pennants hanging from the ceiling that showcase features of life on safari.


The cocktail menu has the vibe of a traveler’s sketchbook and features pictures of all of the beverages. We had a lot of fun looking through it, but this also made for tough choices!


I ordered a “Jen’s Tattoo” cocktail and LOML had the “Leaping Lizard.” Both were great and refreshing on a hot day. The cocktail list was so inspiring, we ordered a second round.


We also ordered some nibbles: The vegetarian summer roll with ponzu sauce ($8) and chicken tikka wings with black rice ($10). We found the food to be lacking and the portions to be rather small for the prices. Disney is usually expensive, but this was not the quality one would expect.


Still hungry, and hoping for a winner, we ordered the coriander spiced pork ribs ($10). They were overdone and extremely tough, almost inedible.

Early on, the Nomad Lounge’s food options were extremely limited, so we basically ordered what they had on the menu. We have since heard that the options have been expanded to include Tiffins Bread Service, artisanal cheeses, beef sliders, fish tacos, and a charcuterie board.

With the drinks and the ambiance a grand slam, we are hoping that the Nomad Lounge can pick up its game in the bar bites area. They are still lacking some kind of salty nibble, like chips, often desired by those who linger!

Regardless of the food situation, we do think the Nomad Lounge will increase in popularity with the Animal Kingdom’s new night options and the opening of Pandora. Check it out next time you are in the Discovery Island section of the park.



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