Ten Magical Surprises Epcot’s World Showcase Has to Offer

img_1257Epcot is often overlooked as a place for Disney Magic as it lies in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom. But I am here to tell you that the magic truly abounds at Epcot with this top ten list!

10. Epcot has the BEST ice cream. That’s right, tucked in a corner of the France pavilion in Epcot’s world showcase is L’Artisan Des Glaces which scoops out the best ice cream in the World. Leave the Mickey pops to the kids, because this ice cream shop doles out original flavors like salted caramel, chocolate orange, and cinnamon with caramelized pecan. OK, they also have a mighty fine vanilla! Mango, strawberry, and mixed berry sorbets are also offered. If you are in the mood for something more exotic, you can get an ice cream sandwich made with ice cream in a french macaron or my personal favorite, the luscious croque glace which is served inside a warm brioche. And for the truly decadent, they offer a signature ice cream martini.


9. Hidden Mickeys are everywhere in Epcot. It’s true! While you may have exhausted your hunt for hidden mickeys at the Magic Kingdom or your resort hotel, Epcot often has a fresh spin on your search for the mouse that manifests everywhere. Look high and look low, you’ll see hidden mickeys all over this park.


8. Your photographs will look smashing! We might not be professional photographers, but thanks to Disney Imagineers carefully crafting every part of Epcot down to every detail anyone with a point-and-shoot camera will likely have photos that put National Geographic photographers to shame…ok maybe not quite that good, but you get the PICTURE. Epcot is one of my favorite places to take pictures in the world because of its landscaping and colorful flora beckons and inspires.


7. There’s always an impromptu party. Imagine this…you are sitting on a bench sipping Prosecco and minding your own beeswax when a band of flag twirlers come marching into the piazza. You are riveted! At any given moment in Epcot there are all kinds of cultural performances to get you on your feet. Pay attention because the chair tumblers in France, drum players in Japan, or lumberjacks in Canada might be up to something. And this magic is all included with the price of admission.


6. There are adult beverages in this park. If that’s not magic after a day full of hordes of screaming tourists and waiting for thrill rides in the hot Florida sun, then I don’t know what is. Maybe Mom and Dad are out on the town for an evening to themselves. Maybe you’re on your honeymoon. Maybe Susie loves Margaritas and Sammy loves Sake. Epcot is the park for all of these variables and more! Certainly one must be responsible in the parks so plan your itinerary accordingly. Epcot offers what the Magic Kingdom cannot: ahem, the opportunity to learn about the world’s beverages. Drinking around the world has become part of many an adult’s itinerary. If that’s something that interests you here’s a tip: You can print off a drink around the world passport from online (non-Disney sanctioned) or even engage in a rather mature and educational around the world Wine Walk passport (Disney approved). For the wine walk, check in at one of the three wine shops in the world showcase: the Weinkeller in Germany, Enoteca Castello in Italy, or Aux Vins de France.


5. Learn About Art! The rich artistic traditions of many of the cultures represented at the World Showcase are actually paid attention to here at Epcot. Study the tile and stucco of Morocco throughout the showcase spot or stop into the Gallery of Arts and History on the left side of the pavilion. Learn about the the cultural constructs of cuteness in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery of Japan! China also often has interesting exhibits in their interior gallery space, ranging from a small model of the Terra Cotta Tomb Warriors to displays of Disney theme parks from all around the globe. Stop inside the pyramid in Mexico to see the “Animales Fantásticos” art collection and even watch artisans crafting in the inside marketplace.


4. You can get your Frozen Freak on! Ok, so this one is a little controversial. But if you love Frozen, Epcot’s Norway is the place to be. Not only does it feature the new and fabulous Frozen dark ride to cool off in, you can meet Anna and Elsa in this cute little grass-topped cottage with a wait time of only 15 minutes! If that’s not magical enough, then whisk into the attached Frozen merchandise store and snag some of the best Frozen themed toys in Disneyworld, because it’s always well-stocked. After all that, you can stuff your face with schoolbread and start planning your next visit. Again, this is all controversial. If you are anything like LOML, your traveling companions will find you spritzing Geir for men at everyone in the Norwegian gift shop after a bit too much Aquavit as you proclaim loudly about, “how they ruined quiet little Norway. ”

That’s a hypothetical scenario, of course. Ahem…onward!


3. It’s a magical foodie heaven. Epcot is where you can eat around the world, yes. You can have treats like fish and chips in the UK and then stroll over to Germany for bratwurst. You can stock up on chocolates to bring home and watch your pizza go right into the oven in Italy. If you are a bit more serious about your food, Epcot offers many fine dining experiences like Monsieur Paul or Le Cellier. My personal favorite: the sushi at Tokyo Dining. That’s a magical plate.


2. You can find Zen. A quiet moment of introspection is nearly impossible at the Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. At Epcot’s World Showcase, there are many places to find your peace and get away from the crowds. Try crossing the footbridge by the koi pond in Japan or walk towards Le Cellier restaurant in Canada. The new perspective might surprise and the quiet moment will likely rejuvenate you! Enabling many more hours of touring magic.


1. There’s fireworks galore. That’s right, Epcot’s Illuminations has fireworks to rival the other parks. What’s so magical here? Unlimited spots around the lagoon to see them clearly. Pick your favorite pavilion and park yourself with some treats in hand. The view, the music, the sparkling pyrotechnics…that’s a magical way to end your day indeed.


One thought on “Ten Magical Surprises Epcot’s World Showcase Has to Offer

  1. Epcot is our favorite, too. It was great at Christmas time! Each pavilion showcased the Christmas traditions of that country, and they have a special show in the theater on the lake, The Christmas Candlelight Procession. Magical!


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