Teatime on the Queen Mary 2

If there’s one thing that makes Anglophiles love a trip across the pond the Queen Mary 2, it’s tea! You’ll certainly find plenty of it onboard the ship. A formal tea is offered daily in the aptly named Queen’s Room at 3:30. Be there a bit early to get a seat at one of the tables straight away and watch the “bringing out the tea” parade, which is oddly great fun.


There’s no lack of tiny sandwiches at this tea. I don’t know why…but I love those tiny sandwiches with the crusts cut off, don’t you? On our trip, tea featured egg salad with tomato, cucumber, smoked salmon spread, and cold chicken sandwiches. Yum!


A delicious assortment of pastries is also offered after the sandwich serving. While I like a nice little fruitcake, ahem, there’s plenty of offerings to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The absolute BEST offering at the tea, however, is a QM2 scone! They are the most delicious scones we had ever tasted. Slathered with strawberry jam and Devonshire cream, the scone was remarkable and I am still thinking about it.


If you are not interested in sitting down for an hour of proper tea in the Queen’s Room daily (or you are running off to an activity on the ship) rest assured, tea offerings are set out at 3:30 in the buffet area of the ship for a serve-yourself option. You will find the same tea sandwiches, scones, and some desserts upstairs on deck 7.




One thing I found comforting on our transatlantic voyage were the great big tea boxes in the buffet area and down by the planetarium. At any time of day, you can choose from a variety of Twinings teas and brew yourself a nice mug of tea. This is handy when you are darting off to a lecture or want to sit out on the lounge chairs and gaze at the ocean in the brisk breeze.



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