Cheers! Cocktails and Conversation on the Queen Mary 2


If you’re out on the Queen Mary 2, your transatlantic voyage will be filled with activities…not the least of which will be toasting the high seas with delightful beverages. The QM2 is decked out with decidedly cushy lounges throughout the ship. You will be hard-pressed to name a favorite.

First stop on our little web-tour of lounges and cocktails on the Queen Mary 2 is the Veuve Clicquot Champagne bar. Accented with warm golds and chocolate brown velvet, this lounge is located right off the main shopping area. Empty by day, the lounge is filled at night with guests sampling a variety of champagnes. They do offer a champagne tasting, as well as a caviar accompaniment. We tried the demi-sec champagne here for our first visit, and was a delightful, relaxing, and romantic environment.


The lounge is worthy of Bogie and Bacall. Located right off the Chart Room Lounge, you can easily transition from a quiet champagne tipple to the jazzy delights of the Chart Room.


The Chart Room is a popular venue at night. It has an understated nautical theme, with comfortable blue and taupe velvet chairs you can sink into and sea maps etched into sea-glass-like panels. The carpet swirls beneath you like a Minoan Sea, and everyone makes sure that you have a steady flow of drinks and canapés in your hand throughout the evening. Be careful not fill up too much on those never-empty silver bowls of crunchy potato chips and nibbles that keep appearing!



One of my favorite drinks I discovered on the QM2 is the champagne cocktail, featured at the right. Can we say angostura bitters? Cheers!


The Chart Room is also a great venue for music throughout the evening. Often featuring jazz performances, the elegance of this lounge is matched by its music.


You can get all the classics in the Chart Room, like a VERY dry martini, or order from a menu of surprising cocktails. We love the Citrus Sunset!


Perhaps the most glamorous lounge onboard the QM2 is the Commodore Club. It was also our number one favorite spot to relax on formal evenings. Featuring white and gray leather club chairs, it is a terrific place to listen to some piano tunes  and imbibe as the ship navigates the seas. As it is located forward deck 8, there is often just enough chop and bob to let you know are on the waves!


The Commodore Club is also home to our absolute favorite cocktail of our crossing: The Sydney Apple! A delicious sweet, tart and refreshing drink, you have not tasted the likes of it anywhere else. It is an invention of the master bartenders on the ship.

Your Queen Mary 2 voyage will be filled with educational experiences. Particularly the insights lecture series, the planetarium, dance lessons, watercolor classes, etc. But there’s always room for more learning! Take advantage of the wonderful cocktail-making classes onboard. For a small, but extra fee (usually around $25 USD per person), these afternoon classes are both entertaining and fun for foodies. We actually enjoyed the cocktail class so much, we ended up taking the Martini Mixology course as well. Each class features four signature drinks, and is an engaging class to learn about different types of rum, brandy, and vodka from around the world. If you are a good student, you just might win a prize!


The Martini Mixology course had many highlights, including lighting the citrus peel on fire and how to properly garnish a classic martini. Each student gets their own set up of four martini glasses and a tray with garnish.



My favorite drink from the class was another QM2 original: the Molecular Fashion, featuring a fresh orange and sweet vermouth infused foam.


Just in case you worried that the party only happens at night, rest assured there are opportunities for refreshing beverages onboard during the day.

A great place to grab an ale or a Magner’s Pear Cider is the Golden Lion Pub. Luckily for us, this was also the locale for daily bingo. Lest you think this is an elderly person’s game, you should see the place fill up wall-to-wall with the under the 50 set each afternoon. Get there at least an hour early to snag a table. Bring a book and order the ploughman’s lunch. You won’t be disappointed!


Don’t have too many Midori Sours before your game though…some of the boards are hard to keep up with if you don’t have your wits about you.

If Bingo’s not your game, try heading up to the pool deck on 11. There you can play ping pong, read, catch some sun, walk out and explore the ship, and drink tiki cocktails and daiquiris worthy of any cruise. But this is a crossing not a cruise dear, so the drinks are that much better!


Cheers and Happy Sailing!

The Commodore Club Menu

The Chart Room Menu

Golden Lion Pub Lunch Menu


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