Cheap Eats in Epcot Around the World


Are you a picky eater? Or a foodie who wants to try everything within your budget? Maybe you’re a vegetarian searching for the vegetable oasis in the steak-filled desert that is Disney. This is a sequel to the highly successful (and thus useful) Cheap Eats in the Magic Kingdom! While it is common to “Drink around the World” in Epcot’s World Showcase, it is really fun to put some nibbles in your tummy and literally get a “taste” of each country too! This list contains the cheapest edibles at counter-service eateries in the World Showcase. For budgets, I have tried to keep every item as close to $10 or less. The few items that are more than that are large enough to be shared. I also only put items on the list that reflect the culture of the country you are visiting! So even if a soft-serve vanilla cone is available there for only $3.99, you won’t see it on this list. Two of the options, Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar and Spice Road offer “small plates” (similar to tapas) and do require you to sit for a bit, but they are more economical than a full restaurant experience. Few of these options will make a meal on their own, so the prices are kept quite low so you can sample several items. If I missed one of your favorite “cheap” foods in a country, feel free to comment and we’ll add it to the list! I’ve started in Norway, so you can finish with margaritas…er, I mean tacos!

The Cheapest Meal Options in Epcot


Kringla Bakeri Og

School Bread -$3.19

Lefse with Cinnamon Sugar – $2.19

Vegetable Torte – $6.39


Joy of Tea Kiosk

Lucky Combo to SHARE (2 egg rolls, a curried chicken pocket, an ice cream flavored Caramel-Ginger or Strawberry-Red Bean, soft drink) -$10.98 (these items individually would add up to $18)

Lotus Blossom Cafe

Pot Sticker and Spring Rolls Kids Meal (with rice) -$7.95


African Outpost

Soft-serve Lemon Ice Cream – $4.69



Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Paprika Chips $9.49

Nudel Gratin (German Mac & Cheese) $4.29

Apple Strudel $4.29

Black Forest Cake $4.29


Italian Gelato Kiosk

Cannoli – $4.75

Tiramisu – $4.75

Arancia Rossa (Italian Blood Orange Soda) – $4.50

2 Scoops of Gelato in a cup – $6.25

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (*Sit for a Bit!)

Panini served with a Caesar Salad Wedge (small sandwiches available in the following flavors: Fontina and Salami, Creamy Gorgonzola, Prosciutto di Parma, Carciofi and Fontina, and Fior de Latte Mozzarella & Pomodoro) -$8

Pomodoro Cavatappi – $12

Meatball Sliders – $11

Meatball Parmigiana – $12


Block and Hans

Jalapeño Cheese-Stuffed Pretzel $5.00

Cream Cheese Pretzel $5.00

Mickey-Shaped Pretzel $5.00

Fife and Drum

Root Beer Float (non-alcoholic) $5.00

Jumbo Turkey Leg SHARE – $11.25

Popcorn – $4.00

Apple Pie a la mode – $6.50

The American Dream Slush (Red, White, & Blue) – $4.75


Kabuki Cafe Cart

Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice) in flavors: Strawberry, Tangerine, Cherry, Melon or Rainbow (Pick 3)- $3.75 or add sweet milk topping for $1.00

Green Tea Ice Cream – $3.75

Combo Sushi (2 pieces of California roll with Salmon, 2 pieces of Hako-Square Shrimp sushi) $4.98

Katsura Grill

Edamame $3.99

Miso Soup $2.99

Teriyaki Chicken Kid’s Meal with Vegetable – $7.99

Green Tea Cheesecake – $4.50

Tokyo Sushi Combo (4 piece California Roll, 3 Nigiri) $10.99


Juice Bar

Baklava – $3.25

Tangierine Cafe (Spelled like the city, not the fruit!)

Vegetable Platter (Felafel, couscous salad, hummus, tabouleh, lentil salad and marinated olives) – $10.99

*or any of the above salads as a single for $3.99

Felafel Wrap with 2 salads – $9.99

Chicken or Lamb Wrap with 2 salads – $11.99

Spice Road (Sit for a Bit!)

Hummus Fries – $8

Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves – $8

Moroccan Lamb Sausage – $9

Harissa Chicken Roll – $8

Brie Fondue – $10

Saffron Lemon Custard – $7

Iced Mint Tea – $2.99

Watermelon Delight “Mocktail” – $5.99


Crepes de Chefs de France Cart

Strawberry, Chocolate, or Sugar-filled Crepes – $4.22

Le Artisan de Glace Ice Cream Shop

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (your choice of flavor sandwiched between two Macarons ) – $4.22

Croque Glace (Ice Cream in a Warm Brioche) – $6.33 (and worth every penny!!!)

Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles

Croissant Jambon Fromage (Ham and Cheese Croissant) – $4.75

Pissaladiere (pizza with tomatoes, olives, and gruyere) – $4.50

1/2 of a French baguette – $1.85

Quiche Lorrain – $6.20

Lobster Bisque – $4.90

Potato Leek Soup in a Bread Bowl – $5.50

Strawberry, Lemon, or Chocolate Tarts – $4.25-$4.75

Pain au Chocolat – $3.35

Macarons Collection SHARE (or not!) – $10.33

Beignets -$3.95

United Kingdom

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Fish and Chips Basket $10.49

Victoria Sponge Cake $4.29


Sadly, our friends to the north are lacking in quick service food options (let’s get some poutine, maple-flavored treats or bear claws on the table eh?)

Rumor has it that Ketchup-flavored potato chips can be found sporadically in the gift shop, but surely they can do better than this!


La Cantina de San Angel (Not La Hacienda de San Angel, outside people, outside!!!)

Pollos Cascabel – $12.50

Tacos de Barbacoa – $12.75

Nachos- $10.95

Churros (now called Churritos, and inferior to what they once were) $4.25

Paletas (Assorted Flavors) $3.50

Guacamole and Chips – $7


There you have it! The list of Cheap Eats! If you are on the Dining Plan, some of these will count as “snack options.” If you are not on the Dining Plan, do as we do and get a Disney Gift Card for a certain amount so you can budget wisely.








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