5 Tips to Save Money for a Disney Vacation


Let’s face it. Disney World is Fab-u-lous, but it doesn’t come cheap! How can you set aside money so that you don’t have to go in to debt to enjoy Disney? Here are five great ideas that we use to sock it away for our next magical vacation. The important thing is to have a designated “Disney Fund”, whether that’s in an envelope or a vacation account.

5 Amazing Tips to Help Save Money for a Disney Vacation

  1. The Disney Jar – find a clean, empty glass jar. A mason jar or pickle jar works great! Cover it with Disney-themed stickers, washi tape, photos of your last vacation, etc. Make it pretty, so that you gravitate towards it. Now put it in a room that your family visits regularly. This is your Disney Jar. Dump your spare change from your pockets and purse into it, any extra $1 bills, and the occasional $10 or $20 if you can. You can even have a family rule that any $5 bills go automatically into the Disney Jar. We had an agreement for a time that anyone who forgot to put their cups or dishes in the sink had to put a $1 in the Disney Jar. It adds up fast and makes the house tidy! Deposit the contents of the jar every 4 months into a separate Disney account. You can save a couple hundred dollars a year this way.
  2. Couponing for Disney – I use coupons regularly at the supermarket and drugstores. (It has gotten to the point that if I don’t have a coupon, I feel regretful if I buy something). Coupons basically leave more money in your pocket! And if you can spare it, that’s more money for your Disney fund. Find coupons in your weekend newspaper, online, or even have favorite brands e-mail coupons to you directly. Pair your coupons with store sales to save even more. After shopping, we check the supermarket receipt at the bottom and see how much we saved with coupons. That amount, whether it’s $7 or $37 goes into our Disney fund that week. So far, we have saved $410 for Disney this way!
  3. Little Windfalls – Small “unexpected” amounts of money can be put towards your Disney fund. In our family, this usually takes the form of little rebate checks ($5 or less). Maybe you received a small gift or a bonus at work. If you can, make sure these small amounts add up to bigger fun by socking them away in your Disney fund. You can also purchase $20-$50 Disney gift cards each month. One per month leads to $240-$600 for Disney. Reserve hotel rooms or pre-book Disney Park Tickets with gift cards by calling Disney directly (you can only use up to two gift cards when you book online, but unlimited gift cards by phone reservation).
  4. Disney Rewards Visa Card – People that have the Disney Rewards Visa Card love this! They receive %1 back on all purchases with no annual fee. The Disney Rewards points can be converted to a gift card to use for park tickets, hotel rooms, food, or souvenirs. If you use credit cards regularly, you may want to switch to this card to earn Disney points on groceries, gas, utilities and other necessities. Just make sure to pay it off each month so your rewards don’t get eaten up by finance charges.
  5. Disney at Home – If you eat out often, or go to the movies for entertainment, that can get quite expensive. Save money for your Disney vacation by having “Disney at Home” theme nights. First, look up some of your favorite Disney Recipes online. We like to do a Polynesian-themed “Tonga Toast” breakfast for dinner with POG juice or the Beer and Cheddar Cheese soup from Le Cellier with grilled flank steaks and garlic bread. Then watch your favorite Disney movie and share a big bowl of popcorn. Put the money you saved on gas, dinner, and movie tickets by staying home right into the Disney fund!

What are your favorite tips for saving for Disney Vacations? We’d love to hear them! Please send a comment to us and our followers to share your great ideas too. Happy Saving!


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